About Living Commnications Trainings

Living Communication offers both Presentations and custom designed processes for organisations and groups of staff, as well as workshops and coaching sessions for individuals, e.g. executive coaching for management. Key to all what Living Communication work with is the balance between honesty / productive feedback on the one hand and empathy / appreciation on the other. 

Empathy is predicted to be one of the greatest areas of focus the next 20 years, why? Because …

  • we all, regardless of our psychological or cognitive development, like to be treated with respect, equality and understanding of our intensions.
  • we more readily give our very best and sense engagement and motivation to develop and make an extra effort when we have an experience of being taken serious, seen and appreciated for our contribution. 
  • we tend to be less ill, and more prone to take care of our jobs and school, when we thrive. 
  • we are herd animals, and need to belong and be appreciated, but we do not need praise. And we need feedback and correction to learn to survive and fit in, but we do not need blame and accusations. Most of us are not brought up to see the difference. But that is something we can learn.

What is Empathy then? It makes a difference how we listen and provide feedback. Gitte Kjær-Westermann is a Certificeret Coach in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is the theoretical foundation and quality basis for all of Living Communications work. NVC is developed by a psychologist and take some of what heals and sooth in theraphy into everyday communication and dialogue. We can learn to heal each other a little bit in stead of hurting each other a little bit in our many interactions during the day. Empathy and challenge go hand in hand in the everyday life of any organisation, school, family or even the inner work of any one of us as individuals. It is a shift in focus that can make a tremendous transforming difference for the qaulity of relations as well as motivation and performance in the interactions between leader and staff, teacher and student, adult and child, couple relations,  care giver and citizen. 

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